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My purpose is to share with you my story–how raising a transgender daughter has changed my life in ways I could have never anticipated.

I have been asked: wouldn’t it be so much easier if your daughter wasn’t transgender? Maybe, but I would have missed so much growth in my life! I wouldn’t trade that growth for anything! Plus, I wouldn’t have the bond with her that I have now – I would absolutely never trade our bond!

Wouldn’t it be easier for her if she wasn’t transgender? Maybe, but she will tell you the same thing I did. “Being transgender is part of who I am. My past experiences have made me who I am. I love me.”

Would it be easier for you (yes, you the reader) to not be who you are? Maybe, but would you trade what makes you unique to be someone else? Never. You might think that you want to be someone else, someone you admire, someone famous, but is their life perfect? No. No one has a care-free life. We ALL have our own personal struggle(s). To deny your struggle is to deny your inner self, your inner growth, to be all you can be in this precious life.

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I am so grateful and excited for the opportunity to share my journey and experiences with you!

Love and Light to you, Elizabeth