20180428_174643Elizabeth Carpenter Chandler is a free thinker and writer raised in the Southern Bible Belt of the USA at the hands of loving parents, both of whom left this Earth too soon. She wears her heart on her sleeve and talks with her hands. She wishes to break the barriers of gender identity and conformity applicable to the individual, to religion, to the workplace and beyond.

Her experiences being raised in a sheltered, patriarchal, Southern Baptist environment in the 1970s and 1980s offered her a limited view of the world. She was taught conformity instead of being encouraged to thrive on her individual strengths which has affected her life growing up spilling over into the lives of her children and those she has met.

Each person she has come into contact with has amplified her vision of the world, inspired her to research and explore, to open her mind to new cultures and ways of thinking.

Her most treasured job title is that of Mom to two thriving children, both of whom have changed her as a person along with imbuing her very spirit with sunshine that lingers on long after being in their presence like how stone holds in the warmth of the day on into the night. Her oldest taught her the art of true kindness and the endless possibilities of an unbridled imagination. Her youngest has taught her to open her mind in ways she never fully considered, that it is okay to laugh at oneself, that laughter is a possible, daily necessity.

She wishes all people of every nation liberty in life to live authentically, whatever that may mean to them, as long as they are not causing pain or strife to others.