My First Audio Message

To my dear readers: welcome and thank you for reading my blog! I want to try something new. I have been listening a lot to podcasts and I love the intimacy of having a voice in your ear whilst walking or going about my daily tasks. So, I have recorded an audio message (click play below) for you-very casually organized. In it, I explain my desire to host a biweekly audio message or podcast to speak with you on intimate matters.

I would love to hear your opinion on topics that matter to you. Do you have a specific question about raising a transgender child in the scope of my experiences? Is there a specific topic you are curious about or need guidance with? (hormones, puberty blockers, talking to your teen, shopping for bras- absolutely anything!) Please leave me a comment! I would love it!

On my heart for this message is moms, caregivers or other family members with transgender children also those of the transgender community that may be living in the South like me. My specific experience lies with raising my transgender daughter for 14 years in Georgia, USA.

To the many moms and caregivers of transgender kids and teens, you are amazing Rockstars!

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